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FMGC Label, Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical

Duralabel graphics specialized in manufacturing and supplying quality decorative FMGC label that grace choicest of shelves while argumenting brand image and product presentation. FMGC labels offer an enormous array of creative and technical options. They can ensure ultimate brand performance, with outstanding shelf impact and excellent properties on containers. Label converters benefit from good printing quality, high press efficiencies and a wide range of printing technology choices. Films also offer excellent dispensing characteristics for users further down the chain. Duralabel offers FMGC labels, which are known for moisture resistant and provide end to end sealing. These FMGC labels firmly attach to containers and thus does not become soggy & fall off during handling.

Paper Label : Product Labeling /Promotional

Film Label : Product Labeling (No Label Look)

Tamper Evident : Carton Sealing / Asset Tracking

Airlines & Transportation

Paper Label : Instruction Labeling, Advertising

Tamper Evident : Baggage Sealing / Asset Tracking

Food & Beverages

Paper Label : For Product Labeling, Advertising

Film Label : No Label Look Product Labeling

Tamper Evident : Carton Sealing

Chemical Industries

Carbostick Label : Drum Labeling Self-lamination Label

: Drum Labeling Tamper Evident

: Drum Sealing

Steel, Wire & Tyre Industries

We have been approved by most of Steel & Wire Industry for their application few of major products and Heat Resistant label which can resist upto 350 ;
Higlue label these are basically use for uneven / unstructured steel surfaces

There is a special label which is applied on tyres as tyres is having a low energy surface , so normal label does not exist on it.

Paper Label : Product Labeling / Advertising

Film Label : heat Resistant label / tag

Tamper Evident : Carton Sealing

Consumer Durable / Electronic Equipments

Paper Label : Wiring Diagram, Advertising, Product marking

Film Label / Silver matt : Wiring Diagram, Decorative Graphic

Membrane Keyboards : Membrane Switches, control Panel

Tamper Evident : Warranty Label / Asset Tracking


Paper Label : Product Marking, Advertising

Film Label : Driving / User Instruction

Calendared/Cast Vinyl : Decals / Outdoor Graphic

Tamper Evident : Warranty Label