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Carbostic Label

Carbostic is made of an exceptional protected carbon fiber compound with numerous coveted wood attributes – including feel, sound, and weight and adjust – however Carbostic labels last three to eight times longer! That, as well as they are uncommonly fabricated to wick away sweat, oppose scraped spot and be unaffected by changes in temperature and mugginess. One of the marks planned particularly for concoction ventures are carbostic labels names.

As ordinary stickers are not reasonable for this concoction industry, an alternative to going for carbostic is the best. They are appropriate under outrageous climatic conditions, alter obvious, reasonable on any kind of surface. The best internal highlights are dissolvable, hello stick, warm safe. The surface of the carboy being not well perfect for typical stickers, the stickers tumbles off amid travel. This makes a considerable measure of issues for your clients as they can't recognize the item inside the carboy. Carbostick is designed to consummately suit such applications. Carbostick clings to a great degree well to any troublesome surface, for example, Carboys, MS drums, HDPE, woven sacks.

The ultimate in carbostick label, designed exclusively for application in chemical industries. The surface of the carboy being not well compatible for normal stickers, the stickers falls off during transit. This creates a lot of problems for your customers as they are unable to identify the product inside the carboy. Carbostick is engineered to perfectly suit such applications. Carbostick adheres extremely well to any difficult surface such as Carboys, MS drums, HDPE, woven sacks, Corrugated box, Cylinders and a variety of difficult substrates and it can withstand extreme environments.

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TYPES : Paper, Film,Security.

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Water/ Solvent Proof/ Hi glue/ Heat Resistan

Key Benefits

Suitable on uneven/Silk surface, Permanent sticking on low energy substrates, Suitable under extreme climatic conditions, Tamper evident.