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Printed Filmic Label

Nowadays there is a growing importance of labels when it comes to any product. The product’s packaging define its quality whether it is superior or inferior. Distinctive organizations mark recognizes diverse organization merchandise. Labeling of the any item has picked up an essentialness significance keeping in mind the end goal to get the purchaser's consideration, and furthermore it features the item portrayal like toughness, utilizes, expiry. The filmic label is commonly used for household purposes like personal care, high value items.There are various types such as wrap around labels, in mould labels, direct thermal printable.

Cold foiling, texture printing are the main features behind the success of the product. They are aesthetic, durable, transparent, and non-tearable. They are good to go with any inks as. The labels are of a good quality as we guarantee you that best resources were used for manufacturing of the labels.

Filmic label

These kind of labels are basically used for outdoors, personal care, durability, high value item etc. The main films used to produce this kind of labels are PP, Polyester, BOPP, PE and BOPP Mat. The selection of film depends on the suitability of the container, Glossiness of the label and no label look.The main advantage of this label is it looks Premium on the product, its waterproof and multiple options are available like embossing, cold foiling, texture printing and most important security features to combat anti counter fitting.

We supply Polyster Label exclusively for the required in the industry catering to personal care & industry Application this labels are highly abrassion resistant so that it remains intact with the container without damaging.

TYPES : Polyster, PP, PE, BOPP, Foil and Synthetic.

Filmic label Mumbai


Unusual Cuts, Shaped, Light Fast Colours, UV Coating.

Key Benefits

Aesthetic, Durability, Non-tearable, Water-proof.

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