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Tamper-evident / Tamper proof label

Alter Strips are two adjust clear stickers related by thin frangible strips which are effortlessly broken if disturbed. Alter Strips are generally used to seal envelopes, little packages, and diverse holders.Change Evident Security Labels and Stickers. Thing Overview. Change clear seal and security marks are frequently used to recognize modifying of holders and access centers. At whatever point cleared, the change evident seal will self-destruct to demonstrate whether the seal has broken or not. Security names enhance items. Alter obvious marks stop unapproved get. Resource marks track where your important products are.

We manufacture a full range of security label that indicate tampering.We provide best Non Tearable Label and Tamper Proof Label.


Transfer (Evidence left on surface if seal is removed) Ultra destructive/Grade DF (Inabilty to remove and reuse) Void (’Void’ word appears upon removable) In addition, to the above range of stickers, we can develop any specialist products to suit your requirements.


Security labels add value to products.Non Tearable Label and Tamper Proof Label deter unauthorized access. Asset labels track where your valuable goods are.

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Tamper Proof Label
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